What's There to Do This Summer in Croatia's Dalmation Coast?

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I happened to be scrolling through a list of our past customer deployments the other day. I stopped on one we had recently “completed”, and was remembering the initial phone call we had. Things ended up a lot different. Tell me your Pain I would assume for most of us, the initial customer call is similar. After we exchange the differences in weather at our respective locations, we get right down to business. I typically will start with “Tell me about your business“. I  find talking to customers about their unique business models to be fascinating. I am also trying to reconcile the points they are making, to other similar situations we have seen in the past. At some point I will shift the conversation to “What are your challenges that you hope Dynamics 365 can solve?” The Checklist As they are going through their issues, and if you have loosened them up enough, this... (more)

June 30th Deadline For Mayor Mehmet Kocadon To Clean Up Bodrum

International Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine This week I posted two blog entries about the much needed clean up in tourist destinations of Bodrum and its surroundings. My blog posts must have touched a nerve among the residents and business owners of Bodrum, some supporting and others criticizing my comments. Please note, I added my  answers inline. Mr. Salvatore Genovese Founder, Publisher & CEO International Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine http://www.yachtchartersmagazine.com Mr. Genovese, Thank you for informing the local authorities of Bodrum with your deadline  of June 30,  2009 in order to clean up the aquarium region of the town via your blog post. You are quite welcome! Did you have a chance to inform the municipality or the other associations directly about your problem and your threatening style? 1) My blog posts were my notification to all responsible pa... (more)

Sailing Croatia 2010 with Austrian BMW National Championship

In a joint effort Austrian Sailing Federation and Yacht Charter Pitter with support of BMW Austria, Croatia Sailing Charter for one design sail boats, for the second time the Austrian International BMW National Championship was organized in successful concept of the previous year. Compared to other races, this regatta offers a unique combination of true long-range and high-quality up-and-down racing. Up to seven up-and-down courses and one long distance navigation, inclusive night sailing will determine a new champion. The starting list includes famous names like Sylvia Vogl, Nico Delle Karth, or the defending champion - Christian Bayer. RC-44-crack and OneSails-man Christian Binder is also participating this year. Robert Rauh and Martin Glavassevich have confirmed their arrival with TP52 Sonic, currently one of the fastest if not the fastest Austrian racing yacht. ... (more)

What's There to Do This Summer in Croatia?

International Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine reports The New Zagreb-Split Highway officially open to traffic On Sunday, July 26th 2005, the Zagreb-Split highway was officially opened to the public when the last stretch of the highway, from Vrpolje to Pirovac, as well as the Mala Kapela tunnel, was completed. The newly built Zagreb-Split highway, with a total length of 236 miles, creates an easier and quicker connection between northern and southern Croatia. It will take a traveler about three and a half hours by car, which is half the time it used to take on the “old” road. The road toll will cost 157 kuna one-way (approx. $25.00). This highway is really important to Croatia for numerous reasons. It is a strategic point for economic growth and tourism; it gives tourists a better opportunity of seeing everything that Croatia has to offer. The highway ... (more)

Yacht Charter in Croatia for Luxury Boats and Mega Yachts

Croatia – the land of a thousand islands - with its astounding natural harbors, countless bays, ports and marinas, Croatia has become one of the top destinations for navigators. Yacht charter Croatia is the best way to explore these gorgeous Adriatic islands. Hop from one island to another and experience the best of the seas. When you charter mega yachts for your sailing Croatia adventure, you get to see more than the average tourist. Many of the nautical ports have added several services such as water and electricity, doctor’s services, traditional restaurants, and many others. Croatia is a country of unforgettable adventures. Here a holiday is never complete if without yacht charter Croatia! Are You Thinking of Yacht Charter Croatia? Before you book your sailing Croatia adventure, take some time to determine what type of yacht fits your needs perfectly. In most cas... (more)

Johnnie Kazija Launches "Yacht Charter Croatia Magazine" on Ulitzer

Johnnie Kazija launched today "Yacht Charter Croatia Magazine" on Ulitzer. Johnnie is the internet PR & marketing Manager at Croatia-Yachtcharters a company which writes about sailing various ports in Croatia and using different yacht charters in Croatia. The company is in development of a new non commercial webpage which will be providing all necessery information for yacht charter Croatia services, and all aspects of renting and managing private charter yachts, which will include port fees, maps and everything related. About Ulitzer.com Initiating content coverage on any topic or launching a magazine at Ulitzer.com  is designed to be as easy as boiling an egg and doesn't take much longer. To become a Ulitzer author, anyone can fill out a simple author profile and submit for editorial review and approval. Once you've been handed the keys, you will be able to associ... (more)

Luxury Yachts for Sale in Croatia

Yacht Charter Croatia Magazine Stop. Imagine. Just for a moment. Imagine that you’re on the most beautiful ocean in the world - the Mediterranean. This is an ocean of age-old allure. An unobstructed sun saturates the air with indelible warmth. The caressing breeze breathes the fragrance of the nearby shore. The waves undulate with a gentle, hypnotizing rhythm. The atmosphere is thick with serenity and peace. You’re lying on a luxury yacht. Your very own luxury yacht. It is taking you where you want to go. It is delivering the luxuries that you want. It is all yours. Now, wake up, but don’t dismiss your thoughts as an unreachable dream. Yacht Sale Croatia Isn’t Just a Dream Yacht sale Croatia is a reality made possible through Magnum Yacht Charter in Croatia - the premier luxury yacht provider in the Croatian Mediterranean. Whether it is yacht charter management Croa... (more)

You May Now Follow Rebecca Riley of Paradise Yacht Charters on Twitter

Yacht Charter Blog You may now follow Rebecca Riley of Paradise Yacht Charters on Twitter (www.twitter.com/TheYachtGirl) or at (www.twitter.com/iamrebeccariley). Rebecca Riley is president of Paradise Yacht Charters, Inc., and has been in the yacht charter business for almost 15 years. She loves traveling to new and unusual destinations and finding great locations for that "perfect" charter. (www.paradiseyachtcharters.com). Ulitzer content is grouped in 25 distinct subjects from "Aerospace and Defense" to "Travel and Hospitality." Each subject group offers an unlimited number of topics, and each topic may contain thousands of peer-reviewed feature stories, bylined articles, blog posts, news, reviews, commentary, and unique editorial content authored by top experts in their fields. Ulitzer is designed to replace Wikipedia with Its three-dimensional live content offer... (more)

Mayor of Bodrum Mehmet Kocadon Should Just Hang Himself

Turkish Riviera, the Turquoise Coast Magazine Every year gulet (wooden yachts)  owners and Bodrum's "blue voyage" tourism industry bring tens of thousands of tourists to Aquarium and other local spots by boat. And every year tourists enjoy the same garbage and litter mountains which were left behind by animals (I can't call them human beings) on the shore. Here are my questions:  1) Where is the mayor of Bodrum, and what is he doing? http://www.bodrum.bel.tr. The mayor's name apparently is Mehmet Kocadon. Well he is directly responsible from this embarrassing picture. 2) What is the gulet owners association doing? I understand they are broke and barely pay their bills but they are part of the big picture here. 3) Is there a tourism organization in town? What are they doing? In short this picture shows how primitive the concept of "tourism" is in Turkey and a hot de... (more)

Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon Should Be Removed From Power

Turkish Riviera, the Turquoise Coast Magazine After publishing my blog entry about the mayor of Bodrum yesterday, I received a number of feedback emails. After reading them, I realized perhaps this man should even be removed from his post. I still would like to give Bodrum mayor Mehmet Kocadon until Tuesday, June 30, 2009 to clean up the shore in the Aquarium region of the town. If this is not done by the mayor and the city, I will organize a group of volunteers to do the clean up. The same group of volunteers will also continue their volunteer work to remove the mayor from power. Here is an email I received today from a Bodrum area resident: "Salvatore ciao :) "Just read your article on the subject today and you are fully CORRECT ... I live in the peninsula since 12 years of which six years now have been in Ortakent where the mayor Kocadon was in power before Bodrum.... (more)

Bodrum Mess and a Mayor Missing in Action

Yacht Charter Blog Dear Salvatore, I thank you very much for taking the time to bring to everyones attention the mess in Bodrum and the lack of action from the Mayor of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon. I live in Chicago and have a summer/retirement home in Yalikavak and I have to admit I have been amazed at how much the Mayor of Bodrum is getting away with. He is only available for photo shoots and media blitz but when it comes to hard work the man is a ghost... I am glad that people like you bring this up to the attention of the general public. I only hope that they will react to this type of constructive criticism. The area is absolutely beautiful but needs to be managed better. I commend you for your work. Thank you. Hal ... (more)